About Us

Passionate about interiors.

Purple Cows

If you drove past a field and you saw a cow you’ll probably watch it as you go by but if you drove past and saw a cow with bright purple spots you’ll probably stop to take pictures. The goal for any group of people whom hope to wonder others is to ‘create purple cows’ and it just so happens that we choose the medium of property. If we could add some more words to this goal it would be create purple cows ‘and always enjoy doing so’. P.s I recommend the book by Seth Godin. Buy Purple Cow →

Thank You

Who is “us”? We don’t know ourselves, there’s been so many people who have contributed to the success so far it would be ignorant of us to think its only the people on this page. So thank you to the people who have mentored us, who've given us opportunities, who have been generous and kind to us, the people who have inspired us and thank you fate. We aren’t in this game to separate ourselves as a corporate identity we are here to become closer to others, to delight others and to help others too.

The Story So Far

If a picture tells a thousand words its possible a video has the potential to tell infinitely more.

Director & Co-Founder

Mark Taylor

I love talking about property especially ideas that are out of the norm. My focus is contractor management, accounts and securements. I most enjoy finding the potential for improving the aesthetics or use of a property and meeting with landlords and potential investors (especially with some good coffee at hand).

My favourite of all though - I love helping others discover what they love doing too.

+447400 758746

Director & Co-Founder

Guy Anderson

I focus on interior design, customer service and i also help acquire new properties. I've been designing since i was young and i fell into it rather serendipitously at TPG, maybe design found me. My favourite thing to do is to use my imagination, appearance is my predominant focus but one must consider the importance of functionality and it's influence on interior harmony.

I used to think being in business was about being succesful but then life humbled me and now i realise its a great medium to serve. "What you react to in others, you strengthen in yourself."

+447488 594468

These Guys Though

Not only our co-workers but our friends too
John Doe

Andy Tindall


Andy’s work inspires us he compliments our interior design like ice cream compliments fudge cake. He adds his own creative ideas, he captures beauty and he makes us laugh whilst doing so.

Josh Clark

Chris Howes

Viewings & Support

Chris is one of the most welcoming individuals we have ever known, he excels in first-meet situations he's so kind and friendly. Chris is currently taking time off from the busy-ness of business but we hope he joins us again soon.

Josh Clark

Steven Medley

Refurbishments & Maintenance

Steve has been a great help to our refurbishment projects especially meeting deadlines, he works super hard! He’s reliable, kind, funny and skilled in many areas of building. Steve also helps maintain our properties and is great company we often chat about ideas.

Josh Clark

Michael Collings-Carter

Investor & Trusted Associate

Mike's a great guy to chat to especially about business, we’ve enjoyed many conversations involving property development and other service ideas. Its refreshing how care free and unassuming he is and we hope to work on more projects together in the future.

Some great individuals here

  • Customer Testimonails

    It's a pleasure to do jobs for Mark and Guy, i really enjoy helping to enhance the look of their properties.

    Gary Corrie GCC Transport Solutions
  • Customer Testimonails

    On each occasion i have fitted carpet the communication has been easy and invoices have been paid immediately.

  • Customer Testimonails

    I do my best to ensure standards are high for each stay and its lovely my work doesn't go unnoticed, thank you guys.

    Gemma Black Cleaning contractor
  • Customer Testimonails

    The discussions we have are often a good mixture of finance/organisation and laughter, i look forward to more meet-ups.

  • Customer Testimonails

    Taylor Property Group are maintaining the property they have with us well and the rent has been paid on time. The serviced apartment model is going smoothly for all involved.

    Luke Marchbanks Director, Belvoir Bournemouth
  • Customer Testimonails

    Communication is easy with Guy and every plumbing job I’ve completed so far I’ve had invoices paid on the day or after

    Daniel Veale Managing Director, Flash React